The Brady Barbs

Look at me, having a blast at the playground back in my young and innocent days. That slide would so be outlawed today, it is just not safe for the kids…HA! If you look closely, sorry the photo is old and fuzzy because there were no iPhone 6s’s back in the 80′s, you can see a mixture of cute kid with a hint of mischief. I think we all have a little mischief or what I like to call crazy in us, the world would be so boring without it, right? Again, everything in moderation.

When I look at that picture I can see my adventurous spirit (I’ve always been somewhat of a dare devil) and also a little girl who will soon be a wild & crazy pre-teen/teenager up to no good. Luckily, I have grown out of what my parents called my Linda Blair stage, it was touch and go there for a few years. Ok so I wasn’t possessed by any demons but I am pretty sure my parents wanted to have me exorcized a time or 10.

I never went to jail or anything like that but starting around age 12 I was trouble. I snuck in after curfew, ran away from home, drank underage and went places I was forbidden to go to just to name a few. I like to think it was all part of finding myself…live and learn.

Oh and I was always right, a major know it all. My parents were totally nuts and had no idea what they were talking about…ever. I can barely type that without laughing out loud. At some point a light bulb finally went off and I realized, wow they were not total idiots at all. Yes family, it is now in writing AND on the internet, you were right and I was wrong. I DO NOT like being wrong, this runs in the family.

Speaking of family, lets pretend we are looking at a piece of chart paper or a smart board, whatever is in these days, and lay out my family trees. What’s behind tree number 1 you ask? Well Bob (I miss Bob Barker, the Price is Right has never been the same since he left) we have Barbs and her biological parents. This is what I call the only child tree.

Tree number 2, blended family number one or what I like to call the youngest child tree. This is when my mom re-married and I became the youngest of 4 kids.

Then there is tree number 3, my current tree, the oldest child tree. This is when my dad re-married, my mom re-married, and I became the oldest of 4 kids. Insert a few hamsters, hermit crabs, guinea pigs, turtles, cats & dogs along the way and we have quite the sketch. Are you confused yet? See why we needed to diagram this?

Most people are either totally confused, sympathetic or amazed by my family dynamics. No sympathy please…you may need to sit down for this…but we all, and I mean all of us, get along. Insanity right? I feel lucky that I have had such an interesting blended family forest that started growing at a young age. We are pretty much the Brady Bunch on crack. I would look so cool as a hippie right? And bell bottoms are in for Fall…groovy!

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I am not sure how I actually feel about bell bottoms or how they would look on me now butttttt I was looking fabulous in my D.A.R.E. shirt circa 5th grade. I thought I was so cool with my braces and baggy jeans…NERD ALERT! I was somewhat of an athlete and a tomboy for a few years and used to be quite the little gymnastics star. My shoulders and knees hate me now for all of the flipping and swinging I put them through but I at least had a lot of bling to show for it.

I should give one of those medals to each parent, grandparent or family member that I nearly gave a heart attack during my crazy years. DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA…trust me. I still have a little bit of a non-traditional/risky streak so I should probably try to win a few more medals to hand out to them now. What am I thinking? My back would probably break at the sight of a balance beam or uneven bars these days. Where’s the BENGAY? I bet I could get a case on Amazon delivered by tomorrow…Amazon Prime is better than pizza. Yes I said it!

Even though I started as the only child, became then youngest child and am now the oldest child, I like to think I turned out ok. I actually think I got the best of most worlds, and I hear being the middle child can be tough…Marsha! Marsha! Marsha! Sorry I couldn’t resist, the Brady Bunch was the jam back in the day!

Being the mobile child, for lack of a better phrase, is pretty freaking awesome. It has taught me how to be independent, resilient, and how to build a solid foundation for myself and my future, whatever that may be.

As of today I am officially done with my obligations at Wine & Design Charlotte…tears. So what’s next you ask? My answer has mostly been I’m really not sure, but I am excited to figure it out. Am I crazy for not knowing yet? I think not!

Some people say to get a 8-5 job right away, get back on the corporate horse you rode for 5 years before starting a business. Save, save save. I am not sure I am quite ready for that rodeo, but it is an option. I mean I did get a Master’s Degree for a reason right?

Some people say stay home, have babies, be domestic. Are you crazy people?! I can barely sit on the couch for 10 minutes without thinking of some type of project I need to do. I would crash and burn with a quickness. Kudos to all you stay at home moms out there, you are true rockstars. For real!

Some people say invest in another business. Definitely a possibility, if the right opportunity comes along. It has to be something I’m passionate about, a good fit for me.

Others say to just chill, travel, reflect and think carefully before making a decision. Embrace the crazy, do something different, you will land on your feet. And that folks is where I am right now. I am on the I’ll figure it out in the right time train and I am looking forward to the ride. And if you know me, you know I’ll always have a plan.

So, if all goes as planned I’ll be sliding into what’s next feet first with the same adventurous look in my eye as when I was a mini me rocking my ice cream cone overalls on the playground back in 1987. Who’s ready to hit the playground? I bet you can’t beat me across the monkey bars!

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