Surf City Send Off

Sometimes social media is really awesome and informative. Today was one of those days. I woke up, checked the Facebook news feed to see what was going on in the world, and found out about a sea turtle release in Surf City, NC.

I jumped up immediately and told my mom, who had been up working since 3am of course…she is on vacation this week. HA, vacation she says! I needed some exercise so I made my way across the boardwalk and to the beach. I ran through some rain, but no lightning strikes this time. You wanna see me break the NFL 40 yard dash record? Let lightning strike anywhere near me and I’m gone! #rungirl

The Facebook post said to be on the beach by 9:30am. I am always an early bird so I arrived at 8:45am. The beach was already packed! Good to know there are other people who love turtles as much as me. One of my nicknames is Myrtle the Safety Turtle after all. I’m all about turtles AND safety.

Well, the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center safely released 14 sea turtles into the Atlantic Ocean today as the crowds of umbrella holding turtle lovers cheered them on. They were all different sizes, ages and types. The turtles came from different places and had various issues before be admitted to the rehab center. Today they were sea ready again.

I think my favorite was Kayak who recently had cataract surgery and was ready to show off that new 20/20 vision in the Gulf Stream. No glasses needed here. I’m not sure how much Kayak weighed, but it took 4 men to get the Caretta Caretta (aka Loggerhead turtle) to the water’s edge. Nice work guys!

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