Just Give it Away…

As my longtime love George Strait said, just give it awayyyy…your extra stuff that is. At least 2 or 3 times a year I take everything, I mean EVERYTHING, out of my closets and drawers and do a major cleaning. If I didn’t I would still have those size zero soffe shorts I could only wear when I was in high school. You GSHS cheerleaders know what I’m talking about! Well for me the days of wearing a size zero anything and soffe shorts are long gone. Which means clothes I haven’t worn in forever have to be long gone too.

I usually start from the bottom, like Drake, because Drake is a bada**. Maybe he will help me brush up my rapping skills one day? #dreams You are probably asking yourself “did this girl just mention George Strait & Drake in the same blog?” Oh yes I did, you can’t be from Garner and not like country AND rap, it is just not ok. We like to be well rounded in the 919.

Anyway, back to the bottom of the closet. I have tons of shoes, way too many shoes, so I usually start there. If I haven’t worn them since the last time I did a major clean out, they are most likely to go. Next, I move on to my clothes and the same goes for them, minus a few ridiculous 80′s prom dresses or items that I simply can’t let go of…yet. In the past 2 years I have given away at least 10 HUGE boxes of shoes and clothes to some friends, family and to various local organizations that collect used clothing items for people in need. Sometimes stuff you are just not feeling anymore can become the new go to staple in someone else’s closet.

Speaking of organizations that help people in need, 2 of my BBF’s in CLT started The Changing Room last year. The Changing Room coordinates free pop up shops a few times a year to help those in need find clothes, toys, blankets and more. How cool is that? Organizations like this and the many others all over the world change lives. I love being a part of that. You never know how much an old pair of shoes or a t-shirt that has been sitting in your drawer for 2 years can mean to someone who may not be able to afford them, for whatever reason. The Changing Room actually has a Holiday pop up event coming up on December 12th!

How fabulous is this picture from a previous pop up shop? The kids shirt says it all…just do it! Kudos to Nike for coming up with a phrase that has been around and I am sure will be around for years to come BTW. But seriously, I know how hard parting with stuff can be and I have most definitely had closet clean out remorse, if there is such a thing. What if I lose those extra lbs? What if it comes back in style in a few years? What if I get a new job and need this again?

I have found that the more stuff I give away the less crowded my space and my mind is. Cleaning out my closets is one of the best forms of therapy, right up there with cleaning the house or having wine & sushi night with the ladies. How amazing do you feel once your environment is clean and de-cluttered? It is a game changer for me 100%. My focus level goes through the roof!

Besides donating, doing a super clean can also help me find things that get misplaced. I had been looking for my favorite pink tape measure for months, it was a situation I tell ya! The last time I sorted through all of my old purses guess what showed up? Good ole pinky! It had been in a purse in the top of my closet the entire time. I also find it keeps me from wanting to shop as much because I find things I forgot I even bought…isn’t that terrible!? But I do love a good shopping trip every once in a while, especially when the seasons change. Girls gotta look fresh. You know what I’m sayinnnn?

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If you don’t want to just give away all of your stuff you can definitely sell it for some extra cash. Maybe for a fun trip? You know that’s what I would use it on 🙂 There are so many apps, online and in-store options these days or you can save up for a good old fashioned yard sale. Just saying that takes me back to the days when I used to sell shells and Coca-Cola on the side of the road at my parents beach house with my best friend. We killed it, and kept the proceeds even though our parents bought the drinks for more than we sold them for. At least we got some sales experience right? Gotta keep those resumes looking right.

If you are looking for a few good options for selling this blogger has some cool ideas: http://www.brit.co/sell-clothes-online/. I know so many friends who are super good at this. I think it takes a lot of patience and a little extra time to go this route. I honestly wish I was better at it, maybe some day. No matter what, de-cluttering and de-stuff-ing will make you feel like a brand new woman, or man. Trust me, try it. And be prepared to be amazed.

I challenge everyone that reads this blog to give away one box of clothes, shoes or whatever, doesn’t matter what size, to someone in need during this Holiday season. There are kids who won’t get any presents, parents who can’t afford to buy socks to keep their feet warm, and people looking for jobs that could use that old suit you haven’t worn since you left your corporate job at the bank. Just give it away 🙂

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