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Its Fall ya’ll…pumpkin everything, football and boots with the furrrr (ok no fur just yet) are upon us. Fall is the perfect time to break out your favorite flannel, booties, comfy jeans and a Piko…or 12, I think I have 12. That’s aggressive, I know this and will talk about the gloriousness of purging my closets another day.

A couple of years ago my comfy jeans were no longer my skinny jeans. I literally could not fit in any of my pants and had to go buy a few new pair, 2 sizes up. Whoop! Whoop! pull over that ass was too fat…for real I needed a change. I needed my “skinny jeans” back and fast. Thank you 30′s and hormones, thank you very much!  I’m all about a booty, so are most guys and even girls but in the words of a lifelong friend…this was a situation.

I have always worked out and been an active person but I needed a push & a little help. So I turned to my reliable old friend mac & cheese, oh wait I meant working out, so long mac & cheese, fries, papa john’s…the list could go on…it was nice knowing you pre-30′s.

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The first step was mixing up my workout routine and doing that with friends made it so much easier. How many times have you hit the snooze button instead of working out because no one was there to push you or call you out for being a lazy loser. I am too embarrassed to even count.

I will try just about anything, especially if it will help me get into better shape and being able to bring a friend or 2 along is the icing on the cake…ughhh cake. Everything in moderation, right?

Working out can be fun and social, especially in Charlotte. Every time I turn around there is a new workout spot, brewery class or some sort of other torturous fitness activity to do…no pain, no gain right?

I love having friends that come along for the ride to equally share my pain. Why not have someone to talk to about how sore you are after trying a new class. That is when I can actually walk across the room to pick up my phone and call them. No really, sometimes I can barley walk or lift my arms and I love it.

My advice, mix it up, try new things and tell yourself you can do it even when you feel like you might pass out, puke or die.

Speaking of puking, I now introduce to you Exhibit A, outdoor bootcamp. I always look forward to my weekly routine of burpees, sprints and squats galore just to name a few. This workout takes me back to my high school days. I find grass and sometimes mud in places you wouldn’t believe after each class.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Sweating my face off in hot yoga; punching, box jumps & pull ups for days in a circuit training class, hitting up the weights with my favorite trainer, dangling from fabric while my abs fall off, climbing rock-walls like a dare devil, and exploring the underwater world in the Caribbean are some of my favorite ways to get my fitness on with friends.

Did you know scuba diving burns 300-800 calories on average per dive? No wonder I sleep like a baby after a day of diving. If you are considering getting certified, do it! So worth it.

I also love a good handstand walk and will demonstrate it just about anywhere, ask my friends. I sometimes get, “Oh she’s doing a handstand again. Do you want a video this time?” Yes, I always want a video, or at least a picture…duh! #instagramthatplease

The workout didn’t happen unless you take a picture right? See Exhibit B-F below. We did it, we really did it!

Oh and changing my diet, there’s that. Mama always told me to eat my greens. I don’t call my mom “mama” by the way, I actually call her by her first name. So non-traditional. She loves it 😉

I like junk food but also food that is good for me. Moving from 3 big meals a day to 5-6 healthier smaller meals/snacks a day has totally changed my body and my energy level. My workouts are 10 times easier when I eat cleaner. Which I don’t always do, no one is perfect, especially when I want to go out for dinner and drinks with friends.

If you want to know what I eat or how to start planing your meals let me know, I know a guy who knows a guy. Well actually I just know a guy and he will cook for you and deliver it or you can cook yourself, if you are into that sort of thing. I have posted quite a few food prep pictures on social media and I’m sure people have unfollowed me for it. Want to ask me how much I care? Haters gonna hate and food is pretty…okkkkk. Trust me you would much rather see my food pictures than my terrible selfie taking skills. I have been told I have T-Rex arms. Rawr.

Speaking of selfies, here is the only semi-normal selfie I have ever taken. Why do I look so angry? At least I am wearing my skinny jeans…take that mac & cheese. Oh and cheers to still drinking wine, in moderation of course.

Now who is ready for a workout? And maybe some cake…ok just a workout. Summer and bikini season are just 116 days away. And for the record I am not counting, I strive to be bikini ready year round because you never know when you might be making a trip to warmer weather.

Speaking of warmer weather. Miami and the Florida Keys in 12 days, yes I am counting. Bring on the key lime pie, beautiful views and scuba diving!

And for the record, I still have a booty, its just a little more toned and miraculously fits in my skinny jeans now. Mission accomplished!

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