Braids fit for the Queen…City

Braids fit for the Queen…City
I have been M.I.A for a while, my apologies everyone! I was a busy bee in my favorite island of Barbados working at a dive shop. I just made it back to the Queen City last week and arrived with much darker skin, unpainted nails, and some wild super blonde boat hair. “Boat hair don’t care” is pretty much my new motto thanks to this fabulous tank top from a good friend and roommate.

BUT when I heard about Nadine Donovan-Agiesta’s Hair Bootcamp coming to CLT I jumped at the chance to get pretty with the ladies of Volume Salon. Nadine is so fun and my #1 hairstylist “Emilio” killed it today.

We laughed, we made my hair stand straight up and we ate some pizza. Ok a lot of pizza. Seriously why is it so hard to say no to pizza?!

Emily even got a fancy certificate after a long day of hard work. Check out all of the styles we tried. I can’t wait to see if I can re-create a few, with less detail of course, for my day to day style. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the deconstructed braids. So fun!

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