A Whole New Barbs

A Whole New Barbs

Who’s that adorably awkward little baby in a bikini you ask? It’s just me, Barbs, kicking it with my mom and dad with our toes in the sand back before I had hair. Seriously, I had no hair until I was 2. But at least I was at the beach right? Priorities!

Now that I am all grown up and have hair, things have not changed much…well maybe a little. I still love the beach, bikinis (I have 2 drawers full, but still “need” a few more) and hanging out with my parents. That was not so much the case between the ages of 12-18. That is a story for another time. Think exorcist or Lifetime movie material…no seriously I was on the hot mess express for a few years as a teenager. Thanks family for not disowning or killing me 🙂

I’ll be 32 this year…bring on the wrinkles, back pains and weird skin. Pretty sure my skin was better back in my exorcist days than it is now, what’s up with that? But more on that later. I’ve noticed that throughout life, my priorities have changed and things I focused on before are not so important anymore.

My focus over the past year or 2 has been on “me”. Selfish right? I don’t think so anymore. I’ve changed my eating habits, mixed up my workout routines, traveled as much as possible and focused on trying to create positive energy in my life every day. If you knew me before I moved to the Queen City you know this was not always the case. From a young age I was more worried about what people thought of me rather than how I felt about myself…neither were always good.

I like to think the transition to the new me, started back in 2011 when I moved to Charlotte with a good friend to open a wine & painting studio. Since then I have met so many awesome people, tried so many new things and changed my attitude & myself by leaps and bounds. Sure I have those “are you freaking kidding me people” or “I feel like an ugly scary fat monster” days…but don’t we all?

After 4 years of being a #girlboss, we sold our business last week and now I am starting to focus even more on me. Wine & Design has basically been my identity in Charlotte and now it is time to find a new one and look towards the future. It is just me now, no business, no limits, Its Just Barbs. How exciting right? Or should I be scared? I think I will go with excited!

I created this blog to share the things I love, my adventures, random day to day life stuff, my travels, the food I eat (which is not always clean..oops) and my love of fitness…especially hot yoga, circuit training and kicking the crap out of things (it is therapeutic, trust me) every once in a while all in the name of being in shape. I will talk about what I think in shape means to me later, it is different for me than it used to be. Throw out your scales, get out those skinny jeans and splurge on that workout gear.

I hope you will follow along and even join me on this journey to find the new Barbs. Cue the music and break out the magic carpet…just because Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie and who doesn’t love this song?! Cheers to a whole new worldddddd (good thing you can’t hear me singing right now) and a new Barbs 🙂


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