All the Meats!

Let me start out by saying I haven’t eaten anything this good off of a metal tray with brown paper since I went to Austin, Texas last year. My dad’s lemon pepper ribs will always be my absolute favorite and I was lucky enough to eat a ton of them last week while I visited family at home.

But Seoul Food Meat Co. in the South End area of Charlotte, NC has some serious meat game. The sides we had were “slap your mama good” too. Please don’t ever slap your mama though people…that is just wrong!

Not only did I stuff my face with ALL THE MEATS, while also using a LITTLE portion control, I have enough leftovers for the rest of the week. Seriously, who wants some giant chicken wings, pork ribs, or fire chicken? Just kidding, I will be eating it all and maybe sharing a little with my roommates. Maybe!

AND I got to taste their signature drink “Soju”, which is like Saki, out of a pineapple. Don’t you just love pineapples? I do! The complimentary crispy fried noodles that came with the drink remind me of skinny little pretzel sticks.

Despite the insanely scary and WAY too close for comfort lightning strike (I’m terrified of lightning BTW) that shook the building while we were dining, I would give the overall experience 10 stars and 2 thumbs up. I felt like I could wear my workout clothes or be dressed up for a night out and fit right in, which is a big plus in my book. I loved all of the wood walls, metal chairs, string lights, and even the mini wooden clipboard that the bill came on. If you are looking for some southern BBQ with a Korean flair, check this place out. You will not be disappointed. If you need a eating partner you know where to find me!

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