Braids fit for the Queen…City

I have been M.I.A for a while, my apologies everyone! I was a busy bee in my favorite island of Barbados working at a dive shop. I just made it back to the Queen City last week and arrived with much darker skin, unpainted nails, and some wild super blonde boat hair. “Boat hair don’t care”

The Time I failed Physics…Twice

Hey guys, it’s me Heather, writing from the Orlando airport. Today wasn’t my worst ever day but it was up pretty high on the totem pole of sucky days. Today I failed a 12 question physics exam, for the second day in a row, that was standing in between me going from PADI Assistant Instructor

Surf City Send Off

Sometimes social media is really awesome and informative. Today was one of those days. I woke up, checked the Facebook news feed to see what was going on in the world, and found out about a sea turtle release in Surf City, NC. I jumped up immediately and told my mom, who had been up

All the Meats!

Let me start out by saying I haven’t eaten anything this good off of a metal tray with brown paper since I went to Austin, Texas last year. My dad’s lemon pepper ribs will always be my absolute favorite and I was lucky enough to eat a ton of them last week while I visited

Just Give it Away…

As my longtime love George Strait said, just give it awayyyy…your extra stuff that is. At least 2 or 3 times a year I take everything, I mean EVERYTHING, out of my closets and drawers and do a major cleaning. If I didn’t I would still have those size zero soffe shorts I could only

There’s No Crying in…Sailing

Unless you are me of course. I am embarrassed to even say it but I cried during my final sailing test last week. It was intense, and there was math, too much math for me. My head was swirling around like the current under our boat. My 5th grade self would have laughed. I think

You Don’t Have to be Rich

Prince said it and I will say it again…kind of. You don’t have to be rich to be…a traveler. I am not rich, not even close. But if I had $1 for every person that asked me how I travel so much I would be well on my way to my first million! For me

The Brady Barbs

Look at me, having a blast at the playground back in my young and innocent days. That slide would so be outlawed today, it is just not safe for the kids…HA! If you look closely, sorry the photo is old and fuzzy because there were no iPhone 6s’s back in the 80′s, you can see

Fitness Friends

Its Fall ya’ll…pumpkin everything, football and boots with the furrrr (ok no fur just yet) are upon us. Fall is the perfect time to break out your favorite flannel, booties, comfy jeans and a Piko…or 12, I think I have 12. That’s aggressive, I know this and will talk about the gloriousness of purging my

A Whole New Barbs

Who’s that adorably awkward little baby in a bikini you ask? It’s just me, Barbs, kicking it with my mom and dad with our toes in the sand back before I had hair. Seriously, I had no hair until I was 2. But at least I was at the beach right? Priorities! Now that I